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The CIAA Weekend Parties – What is It?

The CIAA tournament is considered to be one of the popular basketball events in the country where it is not known mainly just for basketball. Also, the tournament has been present for a very long time. Every year, the CIAA week is also able to draw thousands of people that also includes first-timers. Whether it is your first time to join on the fun or perhaps you have been in a while or perhaps curious about what CIAA is about, below are some things that you should know:

History Truly Matters
CIAA stands as the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association and this also was founded back in 1912 and is the first-ever African American athletic conference in the country and that is also considered as a part of the NCAA Division II. There are also 12 colleges and also universities in CIAA and most of them are small schools. 8 of the 12 schools are actually located in North Carolina.

Charlotte Factor
In the first year, the CIAA tournament was actually held in Charlotte back in 2006, and ever since there’s been no turning back. The presence, especially with the centralized location of Uptown with the arena, hotels, restaurants, bars, convention centers, and nightclubs is an easy drive or a short flight from different major cities and it also has allowed tournaments to skyrocket. Though the CIAA holds the tournament and also its championships on 16 sports, its basketball tournament is considered to be the most well-known and lucrative sports where the CIAA have moved its headquarters back in 2015 to Charlotte.

Do a 2099 Party
The known CIAA week includes a five-day basketball tournament and also six days of parties as well as other social events. Though the CIAA puts more than a dozen official events and also three-day Fan Fest at the Charlotte Convention Center, concerts, town hall forums, few parties, and more than 200 events are being coordinated by the independent party promoters and also on the event planners. It is actually the reason why Charlotte organized the party list for you.

More than Just a Party
The uptown Charlotte is actually a party center that is made for several days. Also, the happy hour events and the parties are able to go high on Wednesday. Another thing is that the number of parties that are happening on Thursday night feels like it’s the weekend and the CIAA weekend is able to bring it as a day party. During Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can actually choose from the different parties that take place during the afternoon in nightclubs and bars and there are those that are closed during the time of day.

When it is 3 PM, you will have a cocktail in your hand and the DJ will be spinning and dance floors are packed and the day party experience is something that’s a must. The constant day parties are able to bring lots of celebrities who are being paid to perform or perhaps do hosting. There are different famous or big names as well and even find some alumni of CIAA schools.

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