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Why Should You Be an Organ Donor?

What comes to your mind when you hear “organ donation”? Most people would probably think that donating an organ to a patient means saving his life. Well, that is true.

If you are going to make a research, you would sure that there are a lot of patients who are in need of organ donation. And this adds up day after day. With the increase of awareness of many people about this need, more and more people have become a registered organ donor.

Although becoming an organ donor is easy, you might have still a number of questions in mind. These questions are waiting for answers before you finally make up your mind. Well, this article is for you. If you are considering becoming an organ donor but want to know how will this benefit you, then read on this article.

– The very obvious reason for becoming an organ donor is to have the chance to help others. Patients who are in the organ waiting list are surely suffering a certain disease, probably in the severe stage. The lives of these people are greatly changed because of their disease. Some of them might be in the most critical stage. If they receive the organ that they need, then this can greatly change their lives. Patients who thought they will no longer see the sunrise will be able to have a renewed hope. Being able to help them is truly rewarding.

– As mentioned earlier, people who need an organ transplant are increasing day after day. This would mean that there are already a lot of patients waiting for a compatible organ. And every single day they wait for a donor, some of them die.

– Researches and studies have shown that one organ donor can help several people. An organ donor can help 8 lives or improve 60 lives. This is sure a heavy reason why you should not hesitate to donate.

– Whatever part of the globe you are living, there are sure several patients waiting for an organ transplant. If you want to be of help to your country, then register to be a donor.

– Several people die while they wait for an organ transplant. Research has shown that there are at least 22 people die while waiting for a matched organ. If summed up in a year, there are 8,000 patients who fail to undergo a transplant. So, why not help?

– If you are to donate your organ to a patient who is in great need of it, then it is truly rewarding. Your family might be grieving to lose you, but it is a great joy for them to know that you have chosen to donate your organ to save other’s lives. You might not be able to see another sunshine, but you help someone to experience another and more days to come.

– It does not take a lot for you to become an organ donor. You can simply register online and become a donor. It is sure easy and hassle-free.

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