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How To Get The Best Copier Service Deal

There are many people that are overpaying on the maintenance of their copier. A lot of people also don’t pay that much attention to the cost and many copier companies love that idea.

First of all, you should know the needs of your company. Most of the time, you will be paying for copies that will not be used at all. Imagine the number of customers that need to sight contacts for 10,000 or even 20,000 copies every month when they only average about 8,000 copies each month. As a matter of fact, the larger the block that you buy, the lower your click charge will be. But do you think it is worth it to pay for something that you will never be used at all? That is why it is important for you to calculate the charges first before you will be signing or committing to anything.

One more common mistake that people do nowadays is to tie their service into their lease payments. It might be convenient to only get one bill every month but there is no wiggle room every time you will sign up for this service.

If ever you need to dispute a charge on the lease payment, the lease company will apply the payment to the deducted or disputed amount which will leave you with concerns on the service side and you will never know when it will happen. This can be a really issue at the end of the lease term because even if your lease payments will be current, the services will be in arrears and you cannot get out until it will be satisfied. You also need to take note that every time you will mix the maintenance cost with the equipment lease, the service will turn into third party billing and any changes that you want to make about the copy charges will be difficult over time. Then you might find yourself stuck on the phone for many hours trying to resolve or change something and most of the time, you will be dealing with even bigger issues and losses.

Nobody is saying that the office equipment provider is not honest, but they also do business in order to gain profit. That is why every time the equipment is funded, they will only earn from you if they provide you with some maintenance services.

You should know that there are actually a lot of reliable consulting firms that you can call and they will look into your documents before you will sing anything. So you need to take note that it is important for you to always negotiate on all the areas of your purchase.

Keep in mind that the purchase or lease of office equipment has a minimum of a three-year commitment and most of the machines will need maintenance during that period. You need to do your own research so that you can avoid all the usual issues. Click here now to learn more.

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