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Benefits of Using Paper Straws

There are a lot of businesses today that are switching to paper straws. It is better for the environment if they use paper straws than plastic straws. Researchers have conducted a survey on how many straws are being used in the country and research shows that 500 million straws are being used on a daily basis. Plastic straws are polluting different beaches all over the world. It is very clear that we need to eliminate the use of plastic straws. Plastic production has really increased and it really has a bad effect on the environment. Plastic straws are not reusable. It would take 200 years for a single plastic straw to decompose. This can really harm our marine animals. Marine animals and fishes can ingest plastics since plastic straws turns into microplastics. Plastic straws really has a lot of negative effects. More and more countries are starting to ban the use of plastic.

Here are the positive effects of using paper straws:

A. Paper straws are made of biodegradable materials

You can throw plastic straws in recycling bins, but it will still take a long time to degrade. Paper straws is the opposite of plastic straws since it is biodegradable and can easily decay. Paper straws starts to dissolve in just three days if its ends up in our ocean.

B. Paper straws can easily degrade

Another benefit of using paper straws is that it can easily degrade. It only takes 2-6 weeks to decompose.

C. Lessens the use of plastic straws

You are reducing the use of plastic straws when you start using paper straws.

D. Paper straws are affordable

The demand of paper straws are increasing since more companies know the bad effects of plastic straws. You will find a number of companies that sell paper straws in bulk.

E. Paper straws are safer for the environment and wildlife

Paper straws are not only environment friendly but also safe for wildlife.

These are the benefits of using paper straws. Plastic straws really has a lot of negative effects. Aside from paper straws, you can also use bamboo straws, steel straws and glass straws. Today, there are a lot of companies that produce paper straws. Great Paper Straws is a company that produces quality paper straws. They have their own website where you can check the products that they offer and order online. The Great Paper Straw company produces quality paper straws.
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