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Important Facts about Contempt of Court

Self-determining states have proper structures that help them to govern its citizens effectively. Governments collect taxes or sometimes borrow funds in order to manage the affairs of the nation. This includes employing civil servants in different sectors of the economy such as health, commerce and industry, defense and agriculture to mention but a few.

The government has got internal mechanisms that ensure the arms of government are independent and watch over the excesses of each other. This mechanism are the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The executive is the head of government and appoints several ministries in order to manage different social, economic and intellectual aspects of managing a government. The different ministries make policies pertaining to their agency, manage operations in their organization and provide services to the citizens. The legislature is the representative of the people because they are elective positions. They are in-charge of making laws that help in the governing of the country. The judiciary on the other hand manage legal matters and interpret the constitution and other legislature which have been passed by the legislative arm.

The judiciary is the custodian of the constitution and laws of the land. They do this by managing both civil and criminal cases. If any person or institution is in doubt of the interpretation of a certain aspects of the law, the courts clarify it. The judicial officer are trained on the law, are ethical and have authority to preside over legal matters. Court decisions are law and must be followed to the letter. This is why the law allows any unsatisfied party to appeal on lower court decision in the higher courts, within a stipulated time-frame. The highest court in the land is usually the Supreme Court and their decision is final. If a person or firm has not appealed against the decision made by any lower or higher court, they are expected to abide by the decision of that court. Disrespecting court decisions cannot be tolerated.

No one is exempted from abiding with court decision whether a civilian or a government official. If they ignore court decision, they will be said to be in contempt. One can be found in contempt when they disregard court orders, disrupt court proceedings, or when they publish or say anything that will challenge a court decision out of court. When a person, firm or government arm is in contempt of court, the court is allowed to take action against such a person, firm or government officer. This can land such a person or persons in jail or they can be slapped with a fine. However, the penalties are outlined in the law. If the person accused of being in contempt defends themselves and convinces the court to change its mind, they can be let off the hook.