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Various Kinds Of Animations

Today animations are among the best pieces of art and also the popular videos you can watch . In the past, animations had already been invented, but it was more of conventional videos and arts only, the digital aspects had not been discovered during that time. Though we have evolved and the digital landscape has taken over, but the way animations were created in the past is being utilized nowadays.

All over today in many colleges and institutions, we have many students studying animations, the area has become quite lucrative because of the use of technology and the fact that animations are becoming the most preferred arts and videos by many. There are various kinds of animations that people specialize in today. Here is a guide to know the various types of animations since their introduction up to now when they use technology to create them.

First and foremost, we have simple animations. Early forms of animated pictures especially. It was quite funny then; the idea was that the people could create an animated picture on a page in a book and when the pages were flipped really quick, one could notice the motion of the picture. During these times, the animations were created using the stop motion concept only. Today you can still create them but in more digital form.

We also have conventional animations. The films during that time embraced the idea of the traditional animations. It was, however, a long process. They made the use of cells, whereby you could easily draw pictures; however this would take a long time. Once the acetate sheets were ready, it was photographed onto the separate frame of film. This kind of animation however it had the challenges, but it takes a lot of artistic skill and has many artistic styles. Since the introduction of technology, it has been long forgotten because people now rely on technical aspects to create such animated videos.

We also have computer animations. When computers were first developed, people saw it necessary to try creating animations with that technology, and sure it worked for them. The motive was that there be a creation of animated video with the use of computer technology. It is more controllable and faster than the traditional animations.

Other recognized types of animations are the digital 2D animations also forming part of the animations. Furthermore, we have the most sophisticated ones that utilize the digital 3D technology. Another technology is motion capture as animations of this type are coming up. The probability is that we are likely to have many other types of animations in the near future because of the ever-changing technology and experts are investing in extensive animations requirements and the use of intensive resources.

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