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Digital marketing involves the use of marketing tactics practices to market products online. Digital marketing is not expensive, the traditional forms of marketing may be expensive because of all the hidden costs but with digital the costs are fewer however, the time it will take to get the content up on SEO may be a bit much but at the end of the day its way cheaper compared to traditional forms of marketing. Digital marketing can be measured, how so? Unlike the traditional ways of marketing with digital marketing you can tell with social media platforms is working best for your social media marketing campaigns, for example if you push through face book ads, or Instagram ads you can with time tell which social media platform through the analytics and in future you can know which platforms to best use. Digital marketing allows you to meet the customers without limitations, the traditional way of marketing will limit you to time, space and location of the ad but with the digital marketing you will reach your clients who are on the social media platforms and so is it wise to do the Face Book ads and use other social media platforms to connect and you will be rest assured your product will reach many. Online marketing reaches a wide scope because many are on social media even without necessarily there to purchase or check for a product some are there for other reasons like connect with friends and online marketing connects you to the millions of clients worldwide further it leads to lead generation on the social media platforms which is good especially for startup business. Online marketing will help you connect with many on the mobile platforms, the digital marketing companies are specialized to offer the best marketing strategy that will in turn enable your business to get to many people from the computers to the mobile phones where actually most people can be found, for now more than ever most people are on the mobile phones and that is where your business needs to be seen. Online marketing will enable you to connect with the targeted audience who can bring value to the business, through SEO you can reach the right market that you want, by the use of choice words like health care consulting so that those in search of health care maybe naturopathic or stem cell therapy can reach the nearest healthcare facility which may be yours and so through SEO you can reap a lot of online views which can actually be converted to sales. Online marketing creates a fair playing ground for the startup companies, for its hard for a small company to compete with a big business which has finances for print ads in magazines, newspapers and bill boards but with online marketing, proper marketing strategies and platforms like SEO a small company can go far from locally marketing product to being known and recognized internationally meaning more business and growth of the company.

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