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Fun Facts About Melanotan 2

From the name itself, melanotan 2 is an artificially created chemical that mimics the effects and composition of the natural hormone called melanocyte-stimulating hormone. This specific hormone is the reason why people have different colors of skin. Nonetheless, it also has different effects on the overall body of the person. Understanding melanotan 2 and its benefits is made possible by reading this article until the end.

More and more supplement manufacturers sell melanotan 2 because of the wide array of benefits that it offers. You see a lot of people who just cannot get enough of this product because of the positive effects they bring to one’s body. Appetite suppression, testosterone production, skin pigmentation, aid with erectile dysfunction, and help in combating skin cancer are some of the benefits of this chemical. Some of these health benefits are still going through further studies but there are two effects that have been proven to be conclusive. Tanning of the skin and providing arousal and erections in men are the two of them.

In the past couple of years, men went for supplements with melanotan 2 content to produce stronger erections and increase their sex drive. While these effects were only considered on the side note, some people found them to be one of the best effects of this chemical. With melanotan 2, men no longer went to get expensive prescriptions or undergo painful surgical procedures just to get these effects.

Another benefit to the consumption of melanotan 2 supplements is providing people that tan skin that they so want. With this method, you make sure to seek a healthier approach to tanning than risking your life with the harmful UV rays from the sun and from tanning booths. Usually, to get both effects, doctors will recommend a dosage of 0.025 mg/kg for the product. Nevertheless, it is still the best move to go to your doctor first and seek their advice if this product will just be good for you. Approaching your doctor will also help you answer some questions that you have about the product. You will also be taught about the side effects and risks that you are taking.

For fair-skinned individuals, the use of melanotan 2 also effectively provides your skin with adequate protection. Your skin can actually suffer from a lot of damage when you leave it under the exposure of the sun for too long. This also increases your risk of skin cancer. You just have to remember to expose your skin a bit under the sun for melanotan 2 to work and stimulate the natural production of melanin. Just do not spend too much time under the sun because a bit is enough. As mentioned, you can get a good tan with melanotan 2 without having to risk yourself from getting sunburnt.

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