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Going to a Defense Medical Examination- Here’s How to Make Your Preparations

If the defendant’s lawyer asks for a medical examination, then your lawyer must have also given a formal response to it. In any case, it is essential that you cooperate in this examination. However, you have to know your rights. In this exam, you will not be responsible for any expenses. The insurance company of the defendant is the one to pay for everything needed in the examination.

What should you expect from the defense doctor?
It is very important for you to take note that the doctor here is not on your side. The defendant’s doctor takes their side. So, the different questions to be thrown at you are intended to reduce your injuries. The defendant’s insurance company has given the doctor an idea of what to ask so it will turn out that you are not really hurt for your claim. Doctors who do medical examinations are well equipped in this job. So, there is no way to make a slight effort to food them. If you try to exaggerate something, then it might cause you to lose your claim. Better tell the truth or lose everything.

It is also very essential to take note that the doctor has done his research about you before the examination. This would simply mean that he sure knows about your past injuries. Do your part and try to remember all the injuries you had in the past. In case they are similar to what you experience in the incident, then call your lawyer and talk about them before going to the examination.

Now that you already know what you must prepare, what are the things that you should avoid?
Anatomic consistencies can happen in all people. This is a fact that doctors know. So if the pain you report is anatomically impossible, the doctor will sure call you a liar. He will not just sit down and listen to all what you have to say. He will conduct some tests on your legs, arms, or the injured parts. The doctor will lightly touch it and determines if you feel any sensations. Usually, people exaggerate things in order to convince the doctor of the injury. However, this is a no-no. You have to be very certain with all of your answers before you actually say them.

While you are not encouraged to exaggerate, you should also try to minimize the problem. Take note that there are many who have lost their case because of exaggeration. Try to remember the things you usually do before the incident. Then, take note of the changes that you are experiencing after it. If you are receiving treatment, then your injuries might have lessened through time. Take note of this also.

When the defense doctor has asked you some questions, be sure to stay on topic as much as possible. As mentioned earlier, they sure have records of your medical history which might include those things that you have already forgotten. So, say that you can’t recall something if you have forgotten about it. Being honest is the key to be able to pass this defense medical examination.

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