How to Use Movavi Photo Editor for Mac to Edit Pictures

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac if you take a lot of photos for the purpose of publishing it or sharing with friends. A photo is made perfect by using a professional photo editing software. Even professional photographers need to use a photo editor to edit their photos so that they look more crisp and nice to look at. If you are an amateur photographer, you will be amazed at how professional your photos will look when you use a photo editor to edit it.

There are easy to use photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor for Mac with an interface that is designed for beginners. It is easy to use because you just have to click buttons to get the editing done. It is not like more advanced software which requires you to access different menus and carry out complicated steps to edit the photos. Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is a photo editing software that everyone can afford. You just have to pay for a one time license and you can use it to edit as many photos as you want.

Movavi image editor for Mac contains all the tools that most people will need when editing the photos. You can remove the object or background if you feel that it makes the photo less nicer to have these details. Removing the object requires you to use a red highlighting tool to mark it with red and the other details that you want to retain should be marked with a green highlighting tool.  You have to click on the Start Erasing button when you are done marking the unwanted details as well as the details you want to retain.

Removing the background is just the same as removing unwanted objects but you have to go to the Background Removal tab to do this. The Background Removal tab is the last tab on the right side bar. When you select the Background Removal tab, you will see that the step 1 instruction is to select the foreground that you want to retain with the green brush tool. The background that you wish to remove should be marked with a red brush tool. The boundary smoothness when selected will mark the silhouette of the object that you want to retain, which is the object you have marked with the green brush tool.

You can choose from brush size 1 – 3 to determine the thickness of the brush. Once you have marked the objects properly, you can click on the Eraser button to erase it. When you see that the background has been erased, you can go to step 2 to select a new photo from your computer to use as background. If you want the photo to be without background, you simply click on the Export not button to save it. Movavi Photo Editor also allow you to make other types of edits on the photos such as photo adjustment, crop, resize, and effects. If you don’t know how to use a feature in Movavi Photo Editor, you can always refer to the knowledge base at the Movavi site.