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Tricks on How to Handle a Broken iPhone Screen

Sometimes your phone may fall off from a high place like the kitchen table and all you can see after that are cracks running all over the screen. For your iPhone to function as before you have to take it for repair and you have so many options on how you go about so that you can fix your phone. To help you make the right option on how to repair your iPhone screen read the following article, and you will know some of the things you should put into consideration as soon as the screen has broken. Below are some of the tips on what to do when you crack your iPhone screen.

The glass particles from the shattered phone screen can injure you, so the first thing to do after the accident is to make sure that you stay safe from them. Cover your phone screen with a tape if it is completely shattered, and it will save you a trip to the hospital with a bleeding finger or worse.

Apple stores give rare exceptions on their no repair coverage rule, so try taking your phone to the store and try your luck if it had small damages.

When your iPhone screen is completely shuttered you won’t get lucky with at the Apple stores, so think of the other repair options you have.

The AppleCare+ is a great repair option that you can take since it saves you some dollars compared to getting repairs from apple, but it may inconvenience you since it takes time to get your phone back.

There are come-to-you repair service providers that you can call to your home to offer the repair services, but this becomes a difficult option for those who have no time at home since this option requires you be available as the technician repairs your phone.

You can also take your iPhone for repair to the local Apple repair shop such as Techville, but it will require you to check a few things like reviews before you choose the shop to take your phone.

Mail-in-repair is another option to fix your phone especially if there are no repair shops around, but this method is also slow since it will take time before you get the phone back.

Fixing the screen yourself is another choice but only for the tech-savvy, because a minor accident can completely damage your phone and apple will not cover the damages.

There is also the option of not fixing the phone screen at all, but it also comes with disadvantages since you cannot use it or even resell.