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Factors to consider when a cyber-security consultation firm for your technology needs.

Cyber security, also commonly referred to as computer security is the practice of protecting or defending computers, servers, networks, electronic devices, and mobiles from harmful attacks. In layman’s, this is the practice of protecting electronic devices, data, and networks from being interfered with. Cyber-attacks can be designed to illegally access, delete or steal a company’s or organizations’ important and private data, making cybersecurity of the same very vital. To protect organizations, governments, and individual customers, cybersecurity tools should be looked at and continuously updated. There are different examples of cyber threats and that are typically very harmful and could cause serious repercussions to your files such as the malware which interferes with files and programs through viruses, Trojan horse and, or through spyware. Another one is the Ransomware which is a malware that involves the attacker stealing and accessing passwords and changing them, then demand money in order for the original owner to access their own information. Social engineering is another example and this one involves the attacker relying on help to access sensitive information through stealing of passwords and important information and cyber threat protection. Last but not least is phishing which involves sending of fraudulent emails to unsuspecting users to a certain network, prompting them to click on various links in order for the fraudsters to be able to access private and sensitive information such as login passwords and credit card pins. There are many benefits of using a cyber-security consultation firm, one of them is they give you insight on how to protect your business as an organization or as the government, enabling your employees to surf the internet with no worry of potential threats. They also assure you that any personal information relating to your organization is well secured and protected from unauthorized access. The cybersecurity consultation firm ensures that the employees work safely and assure them of no risks and that they are safe to use the provided networks. They help to increase the productive capacity of employees because they do not get constantly affected by viruses which slow down their operations. Finally, they help to boost confidence in customers because customers are assured that their information is well secured, and they also help to stop the company’s website from going down. What should you look in to before choosing a cybersecurity consultation firm for all your technology needs? The number of years in practice should be a key factor because the more the years the consulting firm has been in practice the better they get at what services they offer. The cybersecurity consultation firm should be licensed to undertake their operations and should have the relevant certificates showing that they are legalized to operate such kind of business.

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