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Some Weird Issues that have Ever Occured in Lab

Science is full of things that always leave so many unanswered questions on the minds of people. The world as experience a wide range of important issues resulting from scientific activities. Most happenings related to nature can be explained by scientists. Some people have realized the great effects of scientific research in improving the lives of people. Continue reading this article to learn about some weird things that have ever happened in the scientific lab

Among the weirdest experiments that happened in a home secret lab is the one related to piano music and torpedo signal. The discovery was made by two people by the names Hedy Lammar and George Antheil who coincidently happened to have a similar interest in weapon design and mechanical dealings. The combined knowledge of Hedy Lammar and George Antheil on the fact that dynamic frequency could not be easily hacked compared to the static one made them discover the technology that resulted to the Wi-Fi and cellular signals in our today lives. Communication technology that has contributed to improved living resulted from their invention.

Among the weird inventions by the scientific researchers, Ob/Ob lab mouse appears to be among the list. Keeping the mice in the lab for a long time made the researcher to discover their behavior. Researchers discovered that the ob gene was responsible for controlling appetite and metabolism in the body. The ob gene is used up to date in treating patients with eating disorders and those who might experience unusual metabolism. Researchers have realized the ob gene to be very important in the study of obese conditions. Scientists are also using the ob gene to conduct studies regarding cholesterol condition in the body.

It’s surprising that there are some organs being grown in the scientific laboratories that take the features of the human organs. The discovery can be very important as it’s predicted to solve some medical problems. People can now find human like organs such as the liver, kidneys and the intestines. The scientists are growing the human ears on the mice. The use of the theory about the growth of human ears on mice has been of great help to the medical field as it has enhanced the knowledge of successful reconstructive surgery.

The invention of the robots has been another issue that has been difficult for the common man to understand. More weird inventions to improve human life are still in the process due to the advancement in technology. The role of the scientists in trying to better the world for human lives has been clear to the public, and they are greatly appreciated. People can be able to find more interesting updates on the scientific inventions from this related post.