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The Relation Of Mind Wandering To Mental Disorders

The brain is very evidently needed by every single human being out there – to perform cognitive activities, to help them remember things, and to dictate actions. The brain also is responsible for enhancing focus and inherent concentration, we need to achieve all our goals, both short-term and long-term.

Just recently, some scientists reviewed what resulted from research published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience about mind wandering in the hopes of creating a new framework for comprehending mental disorders. The study includes how the wandering mind relates to mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, as well as ADHD.

When our free thinking is paired with the fears sitting in our brains, it results in mind wandering that contains anxiety. When fear kicks in, it constrains what content there is in our mind wandering, leading us to fix our gaze on the things that cause us anxiety and thus leading to our restlessness and unhappiness. There is an idea that views dreaming as wandering within this study as the same brain regions activated as our mind wanders are also activated during rapid eye movement and apart from that, the state of relaxation in REM sleep functions as a constraint to what content is in our dreams. Dreaming and anxiety begin then to be linked to each other as in our dreams, we are forced to confront situations that we often avoid in real life due to our worries and fears. As the dream focuses on things and situations that greatly cause stress and anxiety in the dreamer, it would better help in determining what their mental illness stems from and with that, therapeutic treatment will be better directed towards those things.

Mental illness can be treated

The generation we belong to is one that seeks to understand mental health and raise awareness about it. Today, support is given to those who are suffering through mental disorders, and mental illnesses are being seen as no light thing that is in need of immediate attention. There is a wealth of ways that mental disorders can be treated such as mindfulness therapy or therapy that empowers talk, controlling the wandering mind that often triggers mental illness. There are also many hotlines that people who are struggling with mental disorders can call in times that they feel they need to confront their concerns. Seek help today – your mental health matters.

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