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Safeguarding Tow Trucks

When everything is going well and running smoothly, no one cares to give another thought to tow truck drivers. People do not give value to the way that they are risking their lives and limbs just to aid the people who are experiencing inconvenient issues on busy roads and highways. They are the first responders, the equivalent of the ambulance for trucks and cars, coming to rescue the distressed and give a solution to their problems. For some people who do not know how to do somewhat a kind of first aid on their car problem, or for hopeless cases, tow truck drivers are the people to call.

However, when tow trucks are seeking to save the day, they are the ones who become more vulnerable and at risk when they are parked in the middle of the road, trying to give aid to the customer in need. Yes, they put up towing lights and warning signs, but these precautionary measures that they carry out often do no good. There are still lots and lots of drivers out there who drive irresponsibly and without care nor concern for these. These detestable drivers ignore the law and other regulations, not giving a second glance to the tow truck lights in the middle of the road and speeding as though it is their last chance to ever drive. These are the people who put the lives of tow truck drivers at a very high risk that leads to possible injuries. We are not exaggerating as we say this, because in reality, there have already been injuries and fatalities of tow truck driver that are resulting from this kind of behavior by reckless drivers that are just passing by. To add credibility to this, the Department of Labor states that there have been 852 tow truck drivers that have passed away in the sole year of 2016.

You see, the implementation of the Move Over Law, in which motorists must give way to law enforcement officers, firefighters, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles such as tow trucks is not alleviating the situation as so many people do not know that such a law exists, and those who do simply do not care about it. This deliberate in compliance of the law is the reason why at least one tow truck driver is killed or injured each week. If you are taken aback by such information, read more now about it and see the truth of it.

Now we ask the question, what can we do to fix this problem? The answer is, to offer added visibility to tow trucks and the drivers with waterproof work lights and tow truck lights. If you are interested, shop here at Tow Mart where you can see details of how they aim to care for and protect you and your truck.
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