6 Lessons Learned:

Chateau Recovery – The Truth about Addiction

Addiction in alcohol and drugs are now rampant for one reason that it doesn’t choose who its target; it is also the same reason why it has affected millions of people worldwide. Thing is, there are many misconceptions when it comes to addiction and people have to be educated about it. Those who suffer from addiction and their families subject themselves to judgment. If one of your family members suffers from addiction, you need to be proactive in expanding your knowledge and understanding about it. Well luckily, Chateau Recovery make sure that people are not misinformed.

Say that you are interested about addiction, then make sure that you take time to read the next points below.

Number 1. Relapse is very common – those who are not affected by any sort of addiction are seeing relapse as failure of the person and the facility. In reality, relapses are very common and it is expected when someone is undergoing recovery. The truth is, around 70 to 90 percent of addicts who are undergoing recovery experiences relapse at least once. But this doesn’t automatically mean that they are incurable.

That’s why Chateau Recovery has already prepared a program to help patients who are undergoing such.

Number 2. Addiction isn’t a sign of weakness – yet another misconception when it comes to addiction is that, it only happens to weak individuals. Keep this in mind, addiction is not connected to either strength or weakness of a person. This is more of a physical disease that’s changing the brain and the moment it began, it is difficult to stop. Practically, it’s the same thing that Chateau Recovery will let you know.

Number 3. Recovery is a lifelong commitment – families of addicts frequently assume that one program in a rehab will be enough to keep their loved one sober. The truth is, it is going require several trips to Chateau Recovery and years of therapy.

It is easy to revert to negative behaviors mainly because of the reason that addiction affects the brain. The recovering addicts have to take initiative in their coping skills in order to avoid the urge of returning to their old life.

Number 4. A support system – social interactions are part of our lives as humans and without this, our physical, mental and emotional health will decline gradually. This is why peers, friends and family have become the support system that allows the addict feel safe. Besides, Chateau Recovery is making sure that the immediate family members as well as close friends will be there in the program to show support for the recovering addict; this is brings a big impact for it quickens the recovery period.