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Tips for Purchasing Vintage Rugs

Incorporating personal style to their homes is something most homeowners are looking to achieve. The aesthetic appeal of your home is determined by various elements. A particular theme is achieved by fusing various aspects of your home together. Vintage is a style that is quite popular in homes. A home gains more depth with a vintage look. Vintage rugs are especially critical when you are going for a vintage theme. Even with other styles, vintage rugs are a great addition. People tend to be wary when vintage or antique are said. Such terms are used mostly with pricey products. This is true only to a certain extent. These rugs, unlike their newer counterparts, have stood the test of time. You not only get a long-lasting rug but also one with aesthetic appeal. Purchasing an antique rug is a great investment. It is, therefore, essential to make sure you are careful when making such a purchase. Here are a few essential tips that will come in handy when it comes to the purchase of an antique or vintage rug.

When buying a vintage rug, you should be careful and ensure that it is really a vintage. It is easy to get scammed into buying a fake. By looking for a number of things, you can ensure you are really purchasing a vintage. These rugs are usually handmade. Vintage and antique rugs are made of natural fibers. These natural fibers are what make these rugs long-lasting. New rugs are usually made of synthetic fibers or a blend and not as long-lasting. The quality of being hand-woven makes the rug even stronger. You should ensure you check the back of the rug. A vintage rug should be identical in the front and back. Signs of faux-aging should be looked for. You will tell if the rug has been made to look old with proper inspection.

Since the rug is a vintage, you should be comfortable with a little bit of wear and tear. However, this should only be to a certain extent. Avoid vintage or antique rugs with visible stains. Such a rug is not one you will be comfortable displaying. Inspect the rug for frayed edges. Cash will be spent on the repair for a rug with frayed edges as it will unravel. Ensure the rug you buy is not dyed. To make sure this is not the case, rub a wet cloth over the rug.

When buying an antique rug ensure you have a budget. The proper investment will be made with a budget. Consider these tips when purchasing a vintage rug.

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