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Crabs are among the most celebrated members of the seafood family, and more reason to celebrate them is because their meat is one of the most nutritious foods you could ever feed your body. Softshell crabs, crabs that have become too big for their current shells, are becoming legendary in the world of seafood as they give you the pleasure of abundant crab flavor without the effort required in prying its meat from the hard and pointy shell it possesses.

It contains an impressively low caloric content without sacrificing your body’s need for protein, vitamin B, and all other minerals vital to its well-being. Word to the wise: take extra precautionary measures if you are at risk of obtaining heart disease by identifying the kind of crab that is safe for you to consume, as well as the allowable serving size. There are some kinds of crabs with higher contents of sodium and cholesterol than its relatives and that is surely a red flag for you. But don’t worry, that is as far as the risks go, since crab meat is amazingly low in caloric content and considered lean meat. As enhancing to the flavor as they are, cream and butter sauce play great roles in adding up to the caloric content of that delicious dinner of crab meat that you are preparing. If you think that’s iffy then take note of this: melted butter, even just a tablespoon of it, will add a shocking addition of one hundred calories to the innocent softshell crab dish that you’re having, largely due to saturated fat.

One of the safer options to go for is softshell crab meat, which we mentioned earlier. To determine the amount of protein you need, the U.S. Department of Agriculture advises people to have an intake of 0.8 g of protein with every kilogram that there is to their body weight. Taking that information to application, you will need an everyday intake of 43.63 g of protein if you have a body weight of 54.5 kilograms or 120 pounds. You may be shocked by this information and wonder how you can satisfy those protein needs, and this is where softshell crab meat saves the day – it contains 24.24 g of protein for every single cup you consume, giving you a 55 percent fulfillment of that seemingly tough to reach protein requirement.

Protein actually dominates the caloric content of softshell crabs, giving it 80 to 85 percent of the calories it contains, while fat and carbohydrates fill up those last few percentages.

For a number of people out there, eating softshell crab meat regularly could be the wrong way to go. But it is a good thing that you’ve stumbled upon this article that proves consumption of softshell crab meat does not put you in danger. So now, if we’ve fueled your cravings and you’re looking for softshell crabs for sale, visit Crab Dynasty and shop here for the best and freshest products you’ll find!

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