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Variable Frequency Drive Systems – What are They

The variable frequency drive system is likewise called variable speed drive otherwise adjustable frequency drive. Voltage source inversion, current source inversion in addition to pulse width modulation are their three fundamental types. These systems permit different speeds to be chosen from within their operation range, which is different from a constant speed system. They are able to serve a variety of purposes including preventing issues with equipment such as burnout of motor, torque overload, shaft damage, power line disruptions, as well as corrosion on pumps. They can be put to efficient use in majority of machines that need to change their speed while working to obtain better quality for the product alongside working with levels of safety that are higher.

Some examples, which demonstrate the variable frequency drive’s utility, can be provided as well; such information is also available from a dealer of these drives.

?First, there is the example of the milling machine where speed needs to be changed while working on the items in order to make the most of the cutting device’s feed rate.

?The next case is that of a printing company which alters the speed as determined by the coating of the paper as well as its weight for the purpose of obtaining the best quality output. These drives facilitate smooth acceleration to avoid the breaking of web paper.

?The systems of variable frequency drives are extremely useful in operating pumps which deliver water to lofty buildings. With varying amounts of water that the different occupants need to have day in and day out, the need to slow down or speed up is easily facilitated via these drives.

? Operating of lifts without any trouble is yet another valuable application of these drives. The unexpected jerks that have to do with stopping/starting the lifts are prevented by these drives, which help adjust the contrasting speed as lifts buildup acceleration.

In such a context, it is important to mention that the electrical control panel that is automatic is as well useful here. Such control panel guarantees power switching to standby mode in case of some total blackout emergency. This keeps the lifts from being stranded half-way through. The panel contains sensors that can detect power failure as then signals the generator set to start working and provide the power. The variable frequency drives represent a powerful energy saving source whereas the automatic electrical regulator represents a source that guarantees continuous power supply.

Every equipment that is required in industrial processing may be acquired in bulk by way of distinguished distributor and dealer. The correct sources for getting the equipment are the dealers of diesel engine, variable frequency drives and also automatic electrical control manufacturers.

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