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Advantages of Using Lean Six Sigma Methodology in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector has been unable to keep up with a large number of patients that visit hospitals daily. It is very common for hospitals to provide poor quality services to patients due to their inability to deal with the large numbers. This inefficiency is not because the hospitals lack enough staff and equipment but rather because the management is not good enough. Lean six sigma is a methodology designed to increase productivity and healthcare centers can apply it to their management. This article expounds on the benefits of using lean six sigma methodology in the healthcare sector.

Lean six sigma makes it less expensive to run a healthcare facility. It does this in various ways. The first way it reduces production costs is by reducing the volume of inventory. The healthcare center will, therefore, pay less money to have its inventory done. If the inventory work reduces, fewer workers will be needed to complete it. Lean six sigma also eliminates unnecessary transport and equipment costs thus lowering the inventory cost.

Another benefit of using the lean six sigma methodology is improved quality of service. The healthcare sector has received a lot of criticism from the public due to its inability to provide adequate care to patients. Healthcare centers can improve the quality of service they provide by applying the lean six sigma methodology. Lean six sigma increases the level of organization in a medical facility. This allows for nurses to address patients more effectively. Applying the lean six sigma methodology will eliminate unnecessary movement of doctors, thus making them deal with patients faster.

Another advantage of the lean six sigma methodology is that it increases the productivity of hospital staff. Lean six sigma eliminates unnecessary work, allowing the staff members to focus only on productive tasks. Doctors will be more productive if they do not waste their time on unnecessary tasks. The methodology also sets conditions for maximum productivity in the hospital by eliminating wasteful processes like unnecessary movement and unnecessary inventory work. If the staff members are not occupied with unnecessary tasks, they can do more work within a shorter period.

Patient satisfaction is another benefit associated with the lean six sigma methodology. Lean six sigma allows for the provision of better quality treatment to patients, thus increasing their satisfaction with the hospital. Not only will hospitals that imply the lean six sigma methodology be able to handle more patients at a time, they will also provide better services to those patients. The lean six sigma will reduce the number of deaths in a hospital caused by inadequate treatment.

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