3 Reasons for Small Business to Migrate to the Cloud

When you start a business as a one-person show or perhaps with just a handful of employees, it’s hard to think of your company as on the same scale as multi-national corporations. But if you’re going after a piece of the same market, you absolutely should use some of the same strategies to run a more efficient and cost-effective business. One such strategy is migrating your important business data to the cloud.

State of the Art Digital Protection

Invest in a deep security platform like the one you’ll find here: http://www.trendmicro.com/us/enterprise/cloud-solutions/deep-security/index.html. Not only will it offer your business the greatest amount of protection when you operate digital processes and store data on the cloud, but it’ll even protect your data during transfer to the cloud. Although your important data will be on servers elsewhere, it’ll actually get even more protection as your security platform monitors everything on your in-house servers and computers as well as on the cloud.

Server Capacity

You might not need a lot of digital storage space now, but if your business expands, as you hope it will, so will the demand for server space. When you operate your business on the cloud, your website and inter-office interface will have all the server space they need so there’s never a slowdown in speed. For example, if your business makes the news in a great way and would-be customers rush to see what your company offers, the sudden influx of traffic may shut your website down if you don’t have adequate server space. People will soon forget why they cared to check out your business and won’t make their way back. If you operate a website on the cloud, you can easily expand your space as needed.


As your business expands, so too might your travels. As you pitch your company to potential clients and investors around the country – or even the globe – and attend conferences, you’ll need to keep an eye on the day-to-day operations of your business. Cloud computing allows you to access the important data remotely. With log inspection protection from your security platform, you can count on the connection being secure, too.

Cloud computing is convenient for businesses of all sizes. You may worry about the increased risk of exposing your business to cyber crime, but with the right deep security platform, your business’ data will be even more protected than ever. Move your business data to the cloud and make your business a greater presence in your industry.